How to Wow Family and Friends With Professional Aquascapes

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Creating a beautiful aquascape is a painstaking task, and so rewarding when it goes to plan.

But nothing's more frustrating than creating an underwater scene and watching your efforts wilt and decay.

Time after time, your plants die within days.

That's another few hundred quid you've wasted – not to mention the hours spent planning and planting. 

Something's not right, and you're fast losing patience.

What started as a hobby is now a source of stress.

There's so much information out there, but who do you trust?

Guidance from so-called forum experts gets you nowhere. 

And that's the real problem.

There's so much conflicting advice online, you don't know where to turn.

So don't get caught out. Request your FREE guide: '8 Essential Steps for a Flourishing Aquascape'.

From avoiding algae to the right lighting, cut through the nonsense and learn what you really need to know to make a breathtaking aquascape that lasts.

It's written by the UK’s original online seller of aquarium plants.

With a 20-year history of helping hobbyists achieve their dreams, here's someone who knows what works.

Once you know the basics, it will all make sense.

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